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Buying a ticket in the mediation of a mobile operator (for clients of Telia, Elisa and Tele2)

The 1322 hotline for purchasing tickets via your mobile operator is open to clients of Telia, Elisa and Tele2. You can pay for tickets purchased using the mobile app Pilet.ee with your bank card or by having the cost added to your mobile bill.

To purchase a ticket, dial 1322*ticketcode*IDcode. To load money onto your Public Transport Card or to purchase a ticket, dial 1322*ticketcode*cardnumber.

  • "ticket code" is the code of ticket you are buying. You can choose a code either with or without the reminding notification. Please see the table of ticket codes and prices (choose the appropriate category from the left menu).
  • "public transport card nr / personal code" is the transport card nr or personal ID code of the person for whom the ticket is bought. It is possible to buy a ticket to the personal code only when the transport card is personalised.

You will need to make a call to that number, i.e. dial the number on the screen of the mobile phone and push, depending on the type of the mobile phone, either "Call", "Yes" etc. Make sure to listen to all instructions and push * (star) to confirm the ticket. Otherwise the ticket remains inactivated.

The system will answer the call in Estonian and give instructions to the user in course of concluding the purchase of ticket. The ticket is valid starting from the moment of its purchase.

Additional fees will be added by your mobile operator when calling 1322. Visit your mobile operator's webpage for more information.

Service charges

You can choose to purchase a ticket with or without a reminding notification. If you choose the ticket code without reminding notification, a service fee of 0.32 EUR will be added to the price of the ticket. If you choose the ticket code with reminding notification, a service fee of 0.51 EUR will be added to the ticket price. In the latter case, a short message will be sent to the mobile telephone before the expiry of the ticket, reminding that the ticket is about to expire and advising you to buy a new ticket.

For 1- and 3-day tickets, the reminding notification is sent 2 minutes before the expiry of the ticket. For all other ticket types, the reminder is sent two days before the expiry of the ticket.

When buying a ticket, the personal identification code may also be omitted from the number, and the number can be dialled in the form of 1322*ticket code. In that case, the ticket will be associated with the person for whom a ticket was last bought from that phone number. In case no tickets have been bought from that number, the system will give the user an error message.

In order to buy a ticket in the mediation of a mobile operator, check that you have sufficient credit limit on your mobile account. Otherwise buying a ticket is not possible.

Additional information about your personal mobile account can be obtained from here.


Mari-Liis Männik is a student who wishes to buy a discount ticket. She also wishes to receive a reminder message two days before the expiry of the ticket. The code of students’ card valid in TALLINN with a reminding notification is 222 (to select a suitable ticket, see types and prices of tickets in Tallinn). Her public transport card nr is 90000000001. In order to buy the ticket, she dials the number 1322*222*90000000001 on her mobile phone and makes the call. She presses * for confirmation. The service answers the call and tells her that the ticket has been bought. Mari-Liis will receive a reminder message two days before the expiry of the ticket. In case Mari-Liis wishes to buy tickets from the same mobile phone also in the future, she will only have to call the number 1322*222. She presses * again for confirmation. With each ticket purchase, the price of the ticket plus a service fee will be debited from the account of Mari-Liis.

Tickets bought for different persons are paid for from the account of the person who carried out the transaction.